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Generosity of Spirit

September 29, 2012

The Last Mango

The people of Latin America possess a generosity that seems to contradict their economic status. We have much to learn from the beautiful desire to share what they have, no matter how little that may be. They exemplify an understanding of the value of relationship and community rather than a protecting of what one has. We visited a rural church in El Salvador in the community of La Provedencia located in the midst of corn plots and mango trees. Mark happened to remark how much he likes mangos, one of his favorite fruits. A neighboring church member had one last mango (the season of mangos had past) that he had been saving. Immediately he ran to his casa and brought forth his last mango, offering this ripe, sticky fruit as a gift to a North American visitor. It was certainly a precious gift…and never a more delicious and appreciated mango. We North Americans who have so much are often less inclined to share from our bounty while our southern brothers and sister find a joy in giving what little they have.

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