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Project and Recent Activities

In partnership with the Wesley Heritage Foundation, The Institute for Wesley Studies in Latin America was formed in 2012 to promote  reflection and Wesleyan spirituality throughout Latin America, with special emphasis on the Andean region; and through:

  •  Training through workshops, seminars, and classroom courses, mentoring, and e-learning resources.
  •  Research with emphasis on the practices of mercy and justice and the realities of poverty, oppression, gender, children, and other social issues.
  •  Spanish editions of John and Charles Wesley works, Wesleyan Magazine, and other resources for Bible study and Christian education.
  •  Consulting services to churches, individuals, and institutions needing help with theological education programs, spiritual development, and mission service opportunities.


Projects under development or discussion:

  •  Internet and paperback editions of the ‘Works of Wesley.’
  •  A written history of National Primitive Methodist Church of Guatemala.
  •  DVD / Video in Spanish: “Practicing the means of grace” in cooperation with United Methodist Communications.
  •  The translation of 27 sermons of Wesley in K’iche (Quiche) Mayan Guatemalans for Methodists and Pentecostals in the mountains of Guatemala.
Johnny Llerena, Executive Coordinator, Institute for Wesley Studies

Johnny Llerena, Executive Coordinator, Institute for Wesley Studies


Johnny Llerena is Executive Coordinator of the Institute for Wesley Studies.  Johnny brings to that position a strong background in the Wesleyan tradition, formalized Methodist education and expertise in electronic communication and technology.  He will be the Latin American “arm” of the Institute to complement that of Mark in the US.  Johnny is completing a 6 week visit in North Carolina during which time he has been involved in Course of Study at Duke and collaborating with Mark on this new venture.



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